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Certified Sex Therapist


As your chosen therapist, I invite you to go on your journey of healing and growth in the areas of trauma, anxiety, sexuality, intimacy, and/or relational challenges. I will join with you in the risk-taking and vulnerability required for creating the better version of yourself that you are capable of achieving. Your path towards authenticity combined with my own will create a partnership of empowerment, adaptability, and resiliency.

As a sexuality therapist, I am trained to assess for areas of improvement and provide healing relief related to the multifaceted aspect of one's sexuality whether it be cognitive and/or behavioral challenges. As an anxiety-based therapist, I am trained to provide a holistic, cognitive approach to mastering your anxiety.

I invite you to tap into your own ability to heal and grow by giving me the opportunity to connect with you in a compassionate, empathic, and whole-hearted manner. Your growth and healing will make our world a better place!

  • Masters in Human Sexuality Education - Widener University   

This graduate level degree and education provided me the foundational knowledge to work with sexuality and couples related issues. It also affords me the ability to teach/educate on the spectrum of topics related human sexuality. 

This graduate level degree and education provided me the clinical knowledge to therapeutically work with an individual's emotions, feelings, cognitions, and human behavior considering the diversity of current and historical biopsychosocial impacts.

  • Masters in Clinical Social Work - Widener University   

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